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Updated 10.09 2014

Below you will find if you links to pages which I find particularly interesting for geotechnical reasons, mostly.

Neil Brown

Neil Brown is a colleague of mine in Subsea 7. His homepage is mostly a blog where he discuss current geotechnical problems and invites interested people to share his discussions. At work, I most frequently hear him say: yes Christian I know you right, but you need to remember that the reader might not have the same inside as you do.

Other engineers at work might have heard Neil say something like: we haven't had any geotechnical f### ups since 2008 and we're not having one now.


An offshore geotechnical site must have a link to the Norwegian geotechnical Institute (NGI). NGI is world leading in offshore geotechnical engineering. I highly respect their values and the influence they have had to geotechnical engineering.


COWI is a leading consulting company in Scandinavia. I particularly like to work with this company since they have a very honest and humble approach towards their clients. I have worked with on several occasions regarding offshore geotechnical engineering. They deliver high-quality geotechnical engineering on time, every time.


Stobbe is a good friend of mine with a single downside; he's not a geotechnical engineer. He is however, a fellow nerd. Some of his nerding skills involves cameras, making apps for iPhones and attempting to find animals in the forest.


When Limitstate:Geo first came out, Acergy was one of the first companies to get a license. This has proven to be great tool for fast assessment of geotechnical problems. It is based on kinematics and is therefore an upper bound solution. It is great for most problems, but the user must understand the limitations to get the full benifit of the software.


This is the new player in the game of strong geotechnical software. This is a great alternative to PLAXIS 2D. I have made a review of the software on this link. It is very userfriendly and runs the analisys fast. Have a look.