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Review of Geotechnical Software

Updated 13.09.14

Review of XG geotools SPCalc

I had the oppertunity to be the first engineer to test the new SPCalc at OTC in Houston at the NGI reception. It is as far as I know the only geotechnical software available online where the analysis is made on a server. It is based on the FEM codes made by NGI to design suction anchors. The software is released in a collaboration with NGI and PLAXIS.

I was only able to run a few cases and did not have anything to compare to. I am certain that the results will be accurate, since it is the code NGI uses for their suction can design. Therefore, the review is not possible to complete in good detail.

The software was very userfriendly and logic. It was easy to follow the steps required to get results. The results was nearly available instantly. I think it would be a great supplement to validate suction can design performed in other software. Since it cost every time you rn one analysis, then you need to have a design which works first time since you dont want to do too many itterations. I cant rate the software much more than that before I can test the software further.

I must say that I m very impressed that PLAXIS and NGI have made an online geotecnical software. It may mostly be used while offshore if you get too little penetration to check the capacity there and then.